Patron Donations

I don't need any more wrapping paper but here if $10.00 anyway!

Here is $25.00 for not doing another magazine drive, thank you!

I need the tax deduction so here is $50.00.

I really want to help so please accept this $100.00


PTSA Adult Membership

PTSA Student Membership


  If you prefer to fill out a paper form and turn it in along with a check, please complete the form              below and send it in with your student at orientation!  Thank you for your support!


"Do Good Things for Kids - Join PTA!"  

     (California State PTA Membership Theme, 2016-2017)

Become a member

It's only $12 for adults and $10 for students!

This year to entice you, we are going to enter every family who become members or makes a patron donation into a drawing for prizes like parking for graduation and/or season passes to ALL T.O.H.S. MARMONTE LEAGUE sporting events - both home & away! Return the form/payment (or do it online) by 8/22/17 (before school starts) and be entered 3X more!  Otherwise, regular deadline to turn in forms/payment is 9/22/17 (though we will take any donation/membership all throughout the year!).  Winners will be notified via email.  Remember your donations are tax deductible! 

Thousand Oaks High School PTSA