Patron Donations

I don't need any more wrapping paper but here if $10.00 anyway!

Here is $25.00 for not doing another magazine drive, thank you!

I need the tax deduction so here is $50.00.

I really want to help so please accept this $100.00


PTSA Student Membership


  If you prefer to fill out a paper form and turn it in along with a check, please complete the form           below and send it in with your student at orientation!  Thank you for your support!

Thousand Oaks High School PTSA

PTSA Adult Membership


"Do Good Things for Kids - Join PTA!"  

     (California State PTA Membership Theme, 2016-2017)

Become a member

It's only $12 for adults and $10 for students!

​This year to entice you, we are going to enter every family who become members or makes a patron donation into a drawing for prizes like gift cards, parking for graduation, season passes to ALL T.O.H.S. sporting events, and more!  Return this form/payment (or do it online) by 8/23/16 (before school starts) and be entered 3X more!  Otherwise, regular deadline to turn in forms/payment is 9/20/16 (though we will take any donation/membership all throughout the year!).  Winners will be notified via email during the last week of September.